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Rebecca West Burns :: Emerging Scholar of Supervision & Professional Development Schools - Penn State University

Welcome to my professional web space.

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Elementary Education in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the University of South Florida.

My research agenda lies at the intersection of three scholarly fields: supervision, teacher education, and professional development schools (PDSs). PDSs are clinically-rich teacher education contexts created through intentional school-university collaboration. When schools and universities collaborate, not only are there benefits for children, but, from a researcher’s perspective, the PDS is a laboratory rich with research opportunities. For these reasons, my research, teaching, and service place collaboration and clinical practice at the core.

To date, my work has focused on supervision in clinical experiences and the education of teacher educators. I aim to understand more about the complexities of supervision and the individuals who perform the function of supervision specifically in contexts that span the boundaries of schools and universities. I believe in the simultaneous renewal of education, and if that is to occur, then I also aim to understand notions of (dis)empowerment in supervision, to identify and make sense of this power present systemically and politically, and create an agenda truly aimed at empowering those who are and have been disempowered in order to create thinking, productive educators engaging in democratic principles.

The tabs across the top will help guide you through my work. The entire portfolio is a work-in-progress since education is a lifelong journey.

  • The Curriculum Vitae tab contains the most recent version of my professional resume.
  • The Research tab shares my research agenda and provides information on my publications and conference presentations.
  • The Teaching tab is a compilation of my teaching philosophy and the courses I have taught or co-taught. Since I subscribe to the power of clinical practice and the movement of teacher education to place clinical education at the center of teacher education, I also include information regarding the contextual features of my undergraduate and graduate teaching.
  • The Blog tab includes my reflections, resources, and notes that I have compiled throughout my career in higher education.
  • The Contact tab offers information regarding how you can get in touch with me should you have any questions or wish to discuss employment opportunities, consulting projects, or speaking engagements.
  • The Video tab includes videos of presentations.

I hope that you will enjoy traveling with me on my educational journey.

Contact Me

For further discussion about my research and scholarship, feel free to contact me.

Recent Award

Assocation of Teacher Educators Distinguished Program in Teacher Education Award

USF Elementary Education Program



National Association for Professional Development Schools

Elected, Board of Directors



Penn State University Early Career Alumni Achievement Award



American Education Research Association PDS Special Interest Group Dissertation Scholar Award